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What is  The Amazing Thailand Safety and Health
            Administration (SHA) project is the result of a
SHA         cooperation between the Ministry of Tourism and
            Sports, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT),
  ?         the Ministry of Public Health, the Department of
            Disease Control, the Department of Health and
            the Department of Health Service Support, as well
            as government and private sectors involved in the
            tourism industry. The project aims to make tourism
            an active participant in the disease prevention
            measures and ensure that Both Thai and foreign
            tourists have a positive experience, that they are
            happy and confident in the sanitation and safety
            standards of Thailandโ€™s tourism related products
            and services and ultimately hopes to reduce the
            spread of COVID-19 by combining public health
            safety measures with high standards of service.

            Various boards, federations, and associations in
            the tourism industry are responsible for inspecting
            the SHA checklist and certifying the result of
            improving the workplace according to SHA
            standards. The workplace is divided into 10 business
            types: 1. restaurants / diners, 2. hotels,
            accommodation and meeting places, 3. recreational
            activities and tourist attractions, 4. transportation,
            5. travel agencies, 6. health and beauty,
            7. department stores and shopping centres ,
            8. sport for tourism, 9. activities , meetings , theaters
            and entertainment venues, 10. souvenir shops and
            other retail outlets.

            The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) awards
            SHA certificates and records the names of
            entrepreneurs who have received the certificate in
            a database. However, The TAT can also revoke the
            SHA certificate if business owners fail to maintain
            the establishmentโ€™s standards or fail to comply
            with SHA standards.

            SHA also provides sanitation and safety standards
            for tourists. During the re-opening period of
            establishments and services, tourists and service
            recipients are asked to provide any suggestions
            (Post Audit) via the online system created by TAT
            which will be used for further improvement.
            Establishments will be randomly inspected by the
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