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Business owner (public area)

                 1. Provide one-way access for service recipients. In the event
                 that there are multiple entrances and exits, there must be a
                 screening point for every route.
                   2. Take the temperature of employees and service recipients at
                   screening points and record those who pass the screening (If the
                   temperature is higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius, the person in
                   question must stop working or using services and consult to a doctor).

                 3. Record employeesโ€™ and service recipientsโ€™ travel history
                 and details.

                 4. Allow only service recipients who wear cloth masks or
                 sanitary masks to use the service.

                 5. Provide wash basins with soap and water or alcohol gel

                 6. Provide a designated waiting area and make sure people
                 keep at least 1 metre apart.

                 7. Place antiseptic pads at the entrance to the building.

                 8. Provide a reception area and make sure people keep at
                 least 1 metre apart.

                 9. Clean public facilities at least every 2 hours, including door
                 knobs, door handles, handrails and elevators.

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