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5. Employees responsible for waste disposal must wash their
                   hands immediately after completing their work. Toilet paper,
                   cloth masks and used masks must be properly treated before
                   being disposed of.
                   6. Cash exchanges should be carried out without direct contact.
                   Staff may wear gloves or use a money tray when receiving money
                   and the equipment should be cleaned regularly.

Service recipient

                 1. Carry out body temperature testing and wear a cloth
                 mask or sanitary mask.

                 2. Keep at least 1 metre apart from other people.

                 3. Wash hands with soap and water or alcohol gel before
                 and after using the service.
                 4. Avoid paying in cash to reduce physical contact. Use other
                 means of payment such as e-money transfer or PromptPay
                 whenever possible.

                 5. Diners should not spend longer than 1 hour in the restaurant.

                 6. Keep noise to a minimum in the restaurants/diners

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