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Business owner

                 1. Provide one-way access for service recipients. In the event
                 that there are multiple entrances and exits, there must be a
                 screening point for every route.

                 2. Take the temperature of employees and service recipients
                 at screening points and record those who pass the screening.

                 3. Record employeesโ€™ travel history and details.

                 4. Allow only service recipients who wear cloth masks or
                 sanitary masks to use the service.

                 5. Provide wash basins with soap and water or alcohol gel
                 before entering the restaurant / checkout.

                 6. Limit the number of people entering the restaurant. The
                 waiting area should be separated from the dining area and
                 persons occupying it should be kept at least 1 metre apart.

                 7. Clean dining tables, cooking utensils, and eating utensils
                 including other cleaning equipment with cleaning agents at
                 least 3 times a day.

                 8. Clean public facilities at least every 2 hours. These should
                 include bathrooms, door handles, etc.

                 9. Pre-prepared food should be prepared with tools for
                 picking or scooping food, such as spoons, tweezers, etc.

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